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So What's This Workshop Anyway?
Alternative Dance Styles for Musical Theatre is my answer to a large group of Musicals that Incorporate Dance Styles not Traditionally taught in Musical Theatre Education.
Scroll down to see Video of Division/Age Appropriate Choreography that incorporates Burlesque, Kickline and/or Chair Dance, tailored to every group's individual strengths and weaknesses.
Useful for Performers and Choreographers alike, this Workshop can be taught with more of a lecture or performance component to meet your needs and teach you some Alternative ways to enhance your Musical Productions!
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Reach out and I'll answer as many questions and requests as I can, Including:
-Performance Notifications from both myself and my Alter Ego, Princess Augusta.
-Tips & Tricks for nailing your Stage Presence! Go beyond what we covered in a single hour
-Information on how you can bring me, in person, to hold a workshop for your Community Theatre, School or Studio. I'm available for choreography as well as performance!
-Anything else you can think of, I'll try to answer!